Take advantage of video to promote your business:

This is the 21st Century - what current and future customers and clients WANT to see and EXPECT to see are professionally shot and informative videos on your business's website.

A professionally produced video will provide your business with an enhanced online presence, making your company stand out from most others in the online space.

Videos enable current and potential customers to see and hear what your business has to offer in such a way that text alone can’t even begin to compete with.  

A video profile of your business will give people the information they want in an entertaining and attractive manner they'll appreciate. 

People equate video with online credibility.

Video captures attention more than any other form of online media.

On average, websites with video can keep their visitors attention for up to five times longer as compared to sites without videos.

Having a video on a webpage is a low cost and proven way to get your website a higher ranking on search engines such as Google.

Online promotional campaigns are 8 times more effective if video is utilized.

Videos are as easy to share over the internet as photographs, and if done properly, they will easily play on ANY device. 

Videos give you the best "bang for the buck" over any other marketing tool.

Now is the perfect time to take full advantage everything video marketing has to offer.  Promote your business through the use of professionally produced online video presentations.  It's very easy and cost effective.  Contact me at Frank@NewYorkBusinessVideo.com or call me at 631-680-9858 to learn more.

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"Video is the most powerful medium you can use to get your message across to potential customers.   I believe every business can benefit from having at least one high quality video presentation working for them on their website or via a social media campaign."

    - Frank Dima
      Owner, New York Business Video