Professional Advantage $950

Professional practices such as law firms, medical & dental practices, financial and various other types of consultants often have a few partners and associates who would like to appear in the video along with a number of testimonials.  Sometimes each one will talk about a different aspect of the business, while the testimonials can attest to the effectiveness and competence of the practice.

This is my most popular package, but it is often tweaked to a client’s specifications, often by adding interviews with additional partners or associates, or having more testimonials and even additional locations (often to accommodate a testimonial or to show additional office locations).  These tweaks do add cost to the production, but such modifications can often lead to multiple video clips that can be added to different parts of your website or utilized for multiple campaigns all for one low cost.
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Here are some examples of what this package can look like:
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Run time = 3 to 5 minutes.

On location shoot time is about two to three hours.

A maximum of 4 people can be in the video (typically two partners and two testimonials).

One location. Typically the place of business.

Post Production turn around time is typically five days.